Seagrave War Memorial Hall
Seagrave War Memorial HallSeagrave War Memorial HallSeagrave War Memorial HallSeagrave War Memorial HallSeagrave War Memorial Hall
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Hirer's Guide

Below are instructions and basic do’s and don’ts associated with hiring the Hall. Most are just common sense and are not intended to restrict your enjoyment of the Hall in any way. However, we would appreciate it if you could read and apply these guidelines for your own comfort, safety and security.

Getting In:

Use the code provided to open the keybox. The large brass key opens the lower lock of the front door. The silver key opens the kitchen door. The other two small keys are for the gate and the drawer in the kitchen.

Turning on the Lights:

The switch for the Entrance Lobby is just inside the door on the left. The lights for the Main Hall are on the right just inside the Hall.

Turning on the Heating:

The heating is divided into four zones - Main Hall, Parish Council Office, Bar Area and Toilets/Lobby. The controls for the Main Hall and Parish Office are on the wall through the door at the far end of the Hall (to the right of the Stage and to the left of the Kitchen). The controls for the Bar Area and Toilets/Lobby are on the wall at the right hand side of the Bar. Ensure the red light is showing on the main control for the area in question then press the relevant boost buttons for the required amount of time. When this time is up, the heating automatically switches off. Please leave the Parish Office controller on “Timed”

Adjusting the Temperature:

There are thermostatic controllers in the Hall and bar area which can be used to increase or decrease the temperature.

Using the Ceiling Fans:

The fan controller is located by the light switches in the Main Hall. The fans can be operated in either direction to circulate warm air back down (in winter) and to draw warm air up (in summer).

Tables and Chairs:

These are available in the storage annex

First Aid:

There is a first aid kit behind the bar.

Cooking equipment:

There are a range of pots and pans, cups and saucers, dish-cloths and tea-towels in the kitchen area

Audio-Visual Equipment:

This equipment is available upon request when booking.

At the end of your hire period:

Unless you have requested and paid for cleaning as an extra to your booking, please leave the hall clean an tidy, lock all the doors and windows and return the keys to the keybox.